E.M / Women’s Clothing Manufacturer

I have been a client of Gateway Acceptance Company for over 30 years. I highly recommend them to anyone whose company is in need of a solid, hands-on Accounts Receivable partner.

In all the years I’ve dealt with Gateway Acceptance, they have never failed to make a timely deposit into our bank account.   Their staff in its entirety is first-rate, professional, courteous, and most of all, helpful. In my opinion, you will not get this individual attention or help from other Accounts Receivable lenders, Factors or Banks. Gateway Acceptance is on the best end of this spectrum and I have always given them a five star rating.

J.C. / Apparel Screen Printing 

We Began working with Gateway Acceptance in 2008. We’ve received professional treatment and effective financial support during this time. Our relationship with Gateway has been instrumental in the financial well-being of our company. We leverage our business know-how with Gateway’s financial strength to pursue new business opportunities that keep our business growing exponentially. We consider Gateway Acceptance Company a very important partner for our company and greatly appreciate the exceptional service Gateway’s team provides.

M.K / Machine Shop

When my husband and I first acquired our company in 2007, we wasted no time radically transforming a once mom and pop style shop into a first rate world class manufacturing leader. We did so using technologically advanced manufacturing techniques, robust quality and production systems, and highly capable employees to support the demands of some of the most refined and demanding medical OEM’s and aerospace customers in the world. Organic growth such as this produced working capital obstacles we needed to overcome and fast. Enter Gateway Acceptance. Elvin and his team did the most extraordinary thing…they actually did what they promised and did it with such speed, our heads were still spinning from disbelief. In about two days from our initial meeting, we had funding needed to enact the myriad of transformative projects that I can happily report have been realized since our aggressive goals back in 2007. But the story does not end there. For the few companies that have survived the Bay Area since the mid 80’s, they know this comes from ample tenacity coupled with a solid strategy and most importantly, solid strategic partners We are no stranger to the bi-polar up’s and down’s that challenge even the securest of strategies. In full disclosure, we could not have weathered that without the uncommon partnership we found in Gateway. Gateway’s team has a wonderful ability to develop amazing relationships and has the foresight to work with and see the larger picture beyond what the common financial industries are boxed and blinded with. Gateway Acceptance has been the oil that slicked the wheels to achieving and maintaining our goals, no doubt about it!

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